Progress Now for a Better Tomorrow

Calgary is facing a challenging time, and who we choose to guide us through it will determine whether we languish in a vain attempt to relive past glory or take the opportunity to move forward into a bold new era for our city.

I am a progressive community advocate who believes we need to stride boldly into the future, facing challenges head on. I believe we can build a prosperous, inclusive city of the future that attracts industry, talent, and investment.

We need to take bold action to grow our economy, to ensure opportunity for all, to face head on our divisions and so mend them, to fight climate change, to end homelessness, to combat the opioid crisis, and to take our seat at the table of world class cities. We are a city of leaders, and now is our time to shine.

This election is about you. As the campaign progresses, I look forward to hearing from Calgarians and discussing ideas that will build upon our shared values and many strengths to create a prosperous future for Ward 8 and all Calgarians.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Join us as we work towards…

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A City Hall for All

As we work to meet the challenges before us, we need to strive towards a courageous vision of Calgary that provides equal opportunities for all to contribute to our city. This vision must include racial, gender, and LGTBQ2S+ equality, a meaningful strategy to address homelessness and poverty, support for our elders, and an unflinching commitment to doing all we can to fight the ongoing opioid crisis.

By embracing values of fairness, civility, compassion, and inclusivity we can ensure that all Calgarians are able to play an important role in our present and future success.

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A World Class Inner-City

Calgary’s economic success depends on a strong and vibrant inner-city. We must invest now in a revitalized downtown and inner-city infrastructure that will drive our present and future prosperity.

Sustainable development, affordable housing, a modern transportation system, and support for arts and culture will attract and retain the industry, talent, and investment that will create a brighter future for all Calgarians.

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Our Economic Renewal

The economic downturn and the global pandemic are a one-two punch that has significantly impacted city revenue, but the surest way to overcome our revenue challenge is to grow, not retract.  Cutting taxes will only deepen the hole. Cutting services disproportionately affects those who can least afford it, and sends a signal to industry, talent, and investors that Calgary is not a viable place to build a future.

We need creative solutions, not regressive policies. We need a better deal with the Province, we need a more equitable tax collection structure, and we need to nurture the economic engine of small business. Most importantly, we need to invest in a city-building strategy that encourages industry and talent to invest in Calgary and shows the world what we all know – Calgary is, and will continue to be, a modern, forward-thinking, affordable city consistently ranked among the most liveable in all the world.

Join our team, share your voice, and let's move forward together!